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Learn to confidently nourish your child without stress and raise a healthy eater.

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My mission

I help parents confidently feed their child with ease. I focus on food, fussy eating, child & family nutrition.

As a child nutritionist I give proven nutrition advice and strategies that work for you, to overcome fussy eating or other nutrition issues. So you can enjoy family meal times and see a happier and healthier child flourish.

Go from overwhelmed, to reassured and confident in feeding your child


I’m Penelope Henderson RNutr

I am a mum of two, a child Nutritionist and trained facilitator.

Registered with the Association for Nutrition. I have over 12 years experience working with children and families in nurseries, schools & community centres. I bring passion to help every family I work with to make change.

If you would like me to support you with straightforward nutrition advice. I will teach you to confidently nourish your child (or your family) and learn to eat with ease.


Fussy eating online course & workshop

Learn strategies to manage and overcome fussy eating

1 – 1 with a Child and Family Nutritionist

Support your family or child in weight loss or maintenance, weaning, fussy eating and more
This shows young children preparing food at school or nursery

Nutrition certified menus

Nurseries, childminders and schools virtual training on responsive feeding practices, menu reviews and more.


Online course: Overcoming fussy eating in children


The workshop led by Penelope on nutrition and the immune system was very interesting and I learnt the benefits that different food groups provide and how to include them into my diet.  I would certainly recommend this workshop to anybody interested in ways to gain an understanding of different food benefits and ways to introduce them into your meals“.

” The fussy eating workshop was really helpful as it provided me with some new strategies to help my child overcome fussy eating. I felt supported and listened to by Penelope who understood the difficulties I faced”. Thank you!


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