1 : 1 Consultations

Basic package or fussy eater package

Working together to help your child and family eat better.

Whether its weaning, fussy eating or more general healthy eating advice these personalised consultations will help your child and family eat more variety, eat more healthily with less stress and create happier mealtimes.

Who Is this for?

Basic package 

  • Parents or caregivers of a fussy eater or would like some basic weaning support.
  • Parents who want healthy eating advice for the family or child such as support with different dietary requirements, support with menu planning or weight issues.

Fussy eaters package 

  • Parents or caregivers of a fussy eater who would like more indepth support and advice. This includes guidance on mealtimes and diet.

What’s included

You can choose from two nutrition consultations

 Basic package: 

  • Delivered over a 4 – 6wk period
  • Health questionnaire
  • Food diary  assessment if appropriate.
  • 45 min – 1 hr consultation and 30 minute follow up
  • Written report with recommendations and follow up to tweak anything to reach goals
  • £130

Fussy eaters package: 

  • Delivered over a 6 -12 wk period (flexible – up to you!)
  • Health questionnaire
  • Food diary assessment
  • Analysis of video recording of mealtimes if appropriate
  • 1 hr x 2 consultations/education sessions and a 30 minute follow up
  • Deeper dive into issues and time to work on creating happier mealtimes & better nutrition.
  • Written report with recommendations
  • £270
Client Successes

“I was worried about my boys energy levels before I met Penelope”

After the consultation we agree to not comment on their eating. I think this has made a big difference.  At the last Sunday roast he even helped himself to cheesy leeks & cabbage!!! Honestly it’s incredible! He often has a ham & cheese toastie for breakfast which does help his stamina through the day. – We are so happy with all your advice & singing your praises to others.

– C. S to two boys, 1 : 1 Consultations

Client Successes

“My daughter was so fussy before I had a consultation”

I am feeling more confident with her eating and just giving her the same as everyone else and she is doing really well. We are all much happier at mealtimes.

– J R to toddler Amy, 1 : 1 Consultations

meet your coach

Hi! I’m Penelope

I’m a Registered Nutritionist specialising in child nutrition, mum and responsive feeding therapist.

I am passionate about food and nutrition. I also have personal experience with my two boys. One is neurodivergent and brings feeding challenges we have worked to overcome. Now we enjoy family mealtimes and he eats a better diet. I know how hard it is bringing up kids to eat well whilst feeling the pressures and guilt of whether you’re doing it right.

 I understand the challenges you face having been on this journey myself. This is why I created two types of nutrition consultations to suit your needs, which cover:

  • Basic package on issues around weaning, general nutrition or fussy eating.
  • Fussy eating package – a deeper dive into fussy eating, why it happens, parental anxiety, overcoming mealtime issues, mealtime routines, food choices, what language to use around food, how to get them to eat more variety and make sure they are getting the nutrition they need. 

I would love to support you the same way.

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Basic package

or 2 payments of £65

Fussy eater package

or 3 payments of £90

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take private medical insurance?

No that is not something I do unfortunately

How much support do I get with nutrition consultations?

These packages are designed so you get follow up support. You are welcome to email me with queries throughout your time spent with me.

What age children do you work with?

I can work with those up to 18 years.

How do I know which package is best for me?

I recommend a free clarity call to find out your needs and the extent of how much support you would like.

Do you have another question about nutrition consultations? Contact me.

Not sure whats the best package?

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