How do I eat well on a budget?

How can I eat healthily on a budget?

Some will say it is not possible to eat healthily on a budget. With food prices high, particularly for fruit and vegetables it does make it a difficult task. However with the right knowledge and tools it is possible. The biggest tip I can give you is PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!

Here are FIVE TOP TIPS on how to eat healthier on a budget but not compromising on taste or quality. 

This image shows 5 top tips to eat well on a budget

The key to being successful at this is planning. Most of us are short of time but if you can put the time in you will be rewarded by both spending less and eating well. 

How can I learn more about eating well on a budget?

For further ways to eat well on a budget, why not join us at one of our workshops where we aim to help you:  

  • Understand food groups & the eat well guide
  • Give you the tools to be able to form better eating habits (such as portion sizes)
  • Learn how to meal plan and budget. 
  • Understand labelling and how to find the healthier options.

Workshops are run by a Registered Nutritionist who will guide you through practical and evidence based advice. If you would like to find out more email: for information..

Where do I find healthy and cheap recipes?

To get you started on your search for recipes, here is one example of one of my favourite family recipes (store cupboard fishcakes) that is cheap, nutritious and easy to prepare.

It contains two portions of vegetables if you include a serving of vegetables alongside the fishcakes. This will provide a good source of fibre as well as some essential micronutrients. The tinned tuna is a good source of essential nutrients (omega 3 fatty acids, protein, selenium and vitamin D).  This recipe can also be adapted to suit your dietary requirements such as gluten free if you use GF mayonnaise and flour.

This is a recipe for store cupboard fishcakes (eat well on a budget)

For more recipes offering recipes to help eat well on a budget, check out the following:

BBC good food budget recipes

Jack monroe recipes

How do I eat well on a budget with fussy eaters?

Its a myth that you need to eat expensive foods to have a healthy diet. You can still eat well on a budget. Making sure fussy eaters are getting the right nutrition is a worry.

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