Spinach and pea soup

This is a super speedy soup (spinach and pea soup) that my kids usually eat as it tastes of peas, so it has a little sweetness and has no texture. I love the ease of this recipe that only takes 15 mins to make from start to finish.

Not only is it really yummy but it contains two veggies (spinach & peas). Both spinach and peas are great for little ones as they contain iron and fibre as well as many other nutrients. Spinach is particularly good for vitamin C and K. If your kids are vegetarian or vegan then this is a great recipe for them too.

In addition I made this soup quite thin but one portion will provide 200ml fluid (equivalent to one cup). For other ways to include more fluid in your child’s diet. You might like to check out my blog

This recipe is great for lunch (lighter meal) or part of a meal served with some wholegrain bread and protein of your choice like cheese, tuna, chicken.

Suitable for 7 months and upwards. Store in the fridge and use in 2 days or freeze some portions.

This is an image of the spinach and pea soup recipe
spinach and pea soup

How to make it (step by step)

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