Apple and raisin breakfast bowl

This apple and raisin breakfast bowl recipe is easily prepared the night before and ready to serve in the morning as a tasty breakfast.

If your toddler or child suffers with constipation then this recipe could help. It contains three portions of fruits (apple, raisins and prunes). These fruits are particularly good to help keep bowel movements regular with their high fibre content.

If they don’t like these you could try other fruits like apricots, sultanas, plums. In addition it will provide 200ml fluid (equivalent to one cup) of milk as a dairy portion and 1 portion of oats (carbohydrate).

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Suitable from at least 18 months because of the dried fruit. Store in the fridge and use in 1 day.

This image describes the apple and raisin breakfast bowl recipe
apple and raisin breakfast bowl

How to make it (step by step)

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