Courgette fritters

A lovely end of summer to autumn recipe (courgette fritters). If your children aren’t keen on the taste or texture of courgettes then you have to try this recipe. It has been a game changer in our house!

The courgettes work beautifully with onion, some cheese and make a lovely crispy fritter. You can serve these how you like. I like to have mine with a poached egg and toast but you could add to lots of other foods to make a meal.

Courgettes are a good source of potassium as well as vitamin C and other nutrients. This recipe will provide at least one portion of your 5 a day. 2 larger fritters or 3 smaller fritters is around an 80g portion for children 5 yrs and older. 1 large fritter or 1 1/2 fritters would be the right portion size for 1 – 4 yrs.

courgette fritters recipe
courgette fritters

How to make courgette fritters

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