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Butter bean stew

This butter bean stew is great for all the family and its vegan too! Its a cheap and nutritious recipe to make. You can use tinned or frozen vegetables for the carrots, celery and leeks. If gving to small children then use low salt stock cubes and dont add extra seasoning. Its really nutritious to…

6 healthy eating budget tips you need to know for 2023

Healthy eating on a budget can be a challenge especially in difficult times. However there are many cheap foods that are nutritious and with a little know-how and organization it is possible to eat well.  In this blog I will teach you 6 healthy eating budget tips which all involve these three key things -…

Baby food broccoli puree – best weaning foods to start with

Baby food broccoli puree is a great first weaning food. Vegetables should be Introduced on their own before other foods in the first week. So little ones can get used to these bitter flavours before introducing sweeter types of vegetables. This blog will share the full recipe details and a video on exactly how to…

How to start weaning – best first weaning foods

If your baby is ready to start weaning or introducing solids then it should be an exciting time as your baby is reaching another milestone. You want to know the best first weaning foods so your not stressing about what to feed them, how much to feed them and worrying about allergens.  This blog dives…


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