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Crunchy snacks that are healthy and appeal to fussy eaters

Most of our kids, well certainly mine do love crunchy snacks. In fact one of mine would live off crackers if he could! The most popular ones are the beige kind like bread sticks, crisps & crackers. But how do you add more crunchy snacks that are healthy to your childs diet? Whilst there is nothingContinue reading “Crunchy snacks that are healthy and appeal to fussy eaters”

Apple and raisin breakfast bowl

This apple and raisin breakfast bowl recipe is easily prepared the night before and ready to serve in the morning as a tasty breakfast. If your toddler or child suffers with constipation then this recipe could help. It contains three portions of fruits (apple, raisins and prunes). These fruits are particularly good to help keepContinue reading “Apple and raisin breakfast bowl”

Is my toddler constipated and what are the best foods to help relieve them?

A constipated toddler is a common complaint and worry for parents. When toilet training begins around 2- 3 years (toddler years) problems can begin for a number of reasons. However it can occur at any age.  The good news is that there are lots of ways to help relieve a constipated toddler. For most childrenContinue reading “Is my toddler constipated and what are the best foods to help relieve them?”

Spinach and pea soup

This is a super speedy soup (spinach and pea soup) that my kids usually eat as it tastes of peas, so it has a little sweetness and has no texture. I love the ease of this recipe that only takes 15 mins to make from start to finish. Not only is it really yummy butContinue reading “Spinach and pea soup”


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