How to start weaning – best first weaning foods

If your baby is ready to start weaning or introducing solids then it should be an exciting time as your baby is reaching another milestone. You want to know the best first weaning foods so your not stressing about what to feed them, how much to feed them and worrying about allergens.  This blog divesContinue reading “How to start weaning – best first weaning foods”

Applesauce buns

Applesauce buns are so quick and easy to put together with store cupboard ingredients. You can use dried apples instead of fresh if you wanted to make them even quicker. This recipe contains no dairy and no egg. I used olive oil in place of butter and applesauce as the egg substitute. If you useContinue reading “Applesauce buns”

Courgette fritters

A lovely end of summer to autumn recipe (courgette fritters). If your children aren’t keen on the taste or texture of courgettes then you have to try this recipe. It has been a game changer in our house! The courgettes work beautifully with onion, some cheese and make a lovely crispy fritter. You can serveContinue reading “Courgette fritters”

Pizza pinwheels

These pizza pinwheels are great finger food for lunchboxes and an alternative to sandwiches. If pizza is one of your childs favourite foods then they are sure to love these! These are made with cheese, tomato and olives but you could try different fillings instead of olives like spinach or chopped peppers or tomatoes. PestoContinue reading “Pizza pinwheels”

Meal idea for finger foods: broccoli, spinach and cheese fritters

Got a picnic coming up for just want a meal idea for finger foods? Then these broccoli, spinach and cheese fritters are great for babies and the whole family. You can make them using a tablespoon to form the fritters or if you wanted something smaller for babies and toddler then use a smaller spoon,Continue reading “Meal idea for finger foods: broccoli, spinach and cheese fritters”

Picnic finger foods for kids: 30 quick and nutritious ideas

Picnics are always more exciting for kids than sitting at a table. Being outdoors or being somewhere new makes it all seem more exciting and in a relaxed mood for enjoying food. Picnic finger foods are a great way to huddle together on a picnic blanket or towel and share the experience of eating together.Continue reading “Picnic finger foods for kids: 30 quick and nutritious ideas”