A simple kids guacamole recipe and great pre mealtime activity

Published on: 03/30/2023
A simple kids guacamole in a bowl served on a place with some lime

This kids guacamole recipe is a great example of a fun way to get your kids involved before mealtimes, such as a pre mealtime activity or just a fun way to explore foods.

It’s a great versatile recipe as you could use it as a sandwich filling, in a wrap, taco or with toast. If you wanted to mix in other ingredients like paprika and creme fraiche, then these are optional. Tomatoes, coriander or other herbs work well too.

This recipe can be given to babies from 6 mths and is a great way to introduce them to avocado.

What this blog will share recipe instructions, and a video of how to make it. 

How healthy are avocados?

Avocaodos are a great source of protein fibre, healthy fats and other vitamins particularly vitamin K. Kids usually like them for their creamy mild taste so a great option for kids.


There are only a few ingredients in this recipe but you can add more or even less if you just wanted to mash an avocado then its tasty enough on its own.


You can use any type of avocado you like for this recipe. I would just make sure they are soft enough to eat otherwise they won’t mash very well. You can check how ripe and soft it is by gently squeezing it.

Creme friache

I like to use a bit of creme friache in this recipe to make it even creamier but its optional. Other alternatives could be a spoonful of plain yoghurt or sour cream.

kids guacamole recipe

Did you make this recipe?

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Recipe FAQ

What ingredients can I swap out?

You can swap out the creme friache or not use at all. Other alternatives to creme friache could be plain yoghurt, thick cream, sour cream or a non dairy alternative cream.

How do I serve this kids guacamole recipe?

You can serve this is various ways such as in a sandwich, on toast, in a wrap or taco or as a dip with some veggies.

How easy is it to make? 

Very easy to make and a great recipe to do with toddlers as they will love mashing the avocado with a fork or using their hands to squeeze it.

How do I store?

The avocado will turn brown if not eaten fairly quickly, so i would suggest having it straight away but you can store it in the fridge with a little lemon juice and in a air tight container to minimise it going brown.

kids gucamole recipe video

Other healthy avocado recipes

Avocado works well with eggs or other proteins like salmon or turkey. Below are a few recipes which are easy to make for kids lunches or breakfasts.

Turkey and avocado toast

Poached eggs with smashed avocado & tomatoes

If you like this recipe and would to see more recipe posts then check out my blog.


How do you like to use avocados?


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