Master Your Mealtimes

Transform Your Fussy Eater into a Happier, Healthier Eater

Are you feeling…

  • anxious before mealtimes begin because you know mealtimes are going to be difficult?
  • worried about every mealtime as you never know how your child will react, what mood they are in or if they will even eat anything?
  • frustrated that they don’t eat what they have been given and just want to get down from the table?

Would you like to…

  • feel happy and confident in getting your child calm and relaxed at mealtimes? 
  • be free of stress and battles before and during mealtimes?
  • have the freedom to know you can all enjoy eating happily together and mealtimes are a breeze?



Master Your Mealtimes

Creating happier and healthier mealtimes for fussy eaters

In this course you will go from feeling anxious and frustrated to being happy and confident at mealtimes. You will discover HOW to get your child to the table with ease, so they are calm and relaxed during mealtimes. 

You will know what language to use to support your child to eat better without feeling like you need to bribe or use persuasion. 

You can all enjoy peaceful, happy mealtimes, enjoying food together. 

Who Is The Course For?

For parents and caregivers of young children who are typical fussy eaters.

  • For those parents who want to know what they can do to get their child to try new foods and create happier mealtimes. 
  • Parents of children who eat at least 15 foods.
  • Parents with children who don’t have feeding difficulties or previous medical issues.


Pathway to happier mealtimes

black woman working on laptop in kitchen with plates of breakfast
1: background to fussy eating

* Learn about why fussy eating happens and at what stages in child development.

* Identify if your child is a typical fussy eater or if there are more issues going on.

* Discover the steps to eating, and how to make it work for your child.

* Address parental anxiety and how you can manage this.

2: Pre-meal planning

You will learn how to organise mealtime routines,  so you offer consistency and regular times to eat that ensure they are not hungry. 

How to balance meals, food groups, mealtime choices and portion sizes. So you are offering good nutrition for your child.

3: Mealtime strategies

You will learn how to address mealtimes, the right environment for eating, timings, modelling behaviour and the right language around food so they are more likely to eat. 

Why using ways of motivating them to eat such as the use of praise and reward systems don’t work and what to do instead.

Importance of enjoyment, food exploration and how to explore food more outside of mealtimes. 

special bonuses!

Plus, get these bonuses to support your progress.

Bonus 1: Mealtimes strategies

An instant reminder of the strategies you can pin to your fridge ‘How to support fussy eaters guide’ so you can consistently get them eating better. (worth £6.99)

Bonus 2: Portion size guides

No more guessing about how much food to feed them. You can relax knowing they have the right amounts. These guides are suitable for 1 – 4 years and 5 – 11 yrs (worth £17.98)

Bonus 3: Healthy snack guide

Fed up of wondering what healthy snacks to provide? or can’t seem to fill them up? then this healthy snack guide shows you how to make a balanced healthy snack, what the portion sizes look like and lots of snack ideas (worth £8.99)

Bonus 4: Steps to eating worksheet

This steps to eating worksheet will guide you through the 6 steps to eating. So your child can go from tolerating a food to eating a new food. (worth £6.99)

Bonus 5: 10 recipe cards for food exploration

From bread painting to making watermelon pizza, these recipe cards will help develop exposure to new foods in a fun way. Making food fun and developing a love of food. (worth £8.99)

Bonus 6: Email support

Got any questions about the course or what some reassurance then I have your back. I want to support you the best I can so I offer valuable support via email for 4 weeks from starting the course. (worth £45)

What’s included

This course includes:

This self paced online course is jam packed with information which can be done in 1- 2 hrs including the bonuses, so you can make progress straight away.

  • Includes 10 modules (with short slides for each)
  • Module 1: Welcome and aims
  • Module 2: The what and why of fussy eating
  • Module 3: The stages in child development that link to eating and the differences between fussy eaters and problem feeders
  • Module 4: What are common parental anxieties around feeding and how to overcome these.
  • Module 5: DoR and mealtime routines
  • Module 6: Details the 6 steps to eating and how to work through these steps making it fun and enjoyable. 
  • Module 7: Meal choices using the eat well guide, how to balance meals and use guided choices
  • Module 8: Proven mealtime strategies that get your child to eat better.
  • Module 9: How to use food exploration to develop a love of food.
  • Module 10: Take home messages and support. 
  • PLUS 6 FREE BONUSES worth over £94.
Client Successes

“Mealtimes have become much more relaxed and enjoyable”

 Having all these tips and advice from Penelope has been super helpful. We have a better routine and we are all enjoying family mealtimes more. 

– Emma H, Master your Mealtimes course

meet your coach

Hi! I’m Penelope

I’m a Registered Nutritionist specialising in children’s nutrition and responsive feeding therapy

I am passionate about nutrition and enjoying food. I am a mum of two boys. One of whom is neurodivergent and brings feeding challenges we have worked to overcome. Now we enjoy family mealtimes and he eats a better diet. I know how hard it is bringing up kids to eat well whilst feeling the pressures and guilt of whether you’re doing it right.

I use the Intuitive eating and Responsive Feeding approach to work with you on the HOW to get them to even try foods before nutrition can be resolved. I understand the challenges parents face having been on this journey. This is why I created the master your mealtimes course because I am confident that you can overcome mealtime struggles too! 

Invest In Your Childs Health

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the course?

Once you have paid for it you can access it straight away and you get lifetime access so you can do it all at your own pace. It is designed and laid out in the sequence of how you can work towards creating happier mealtimes.

How much support do i get afterwards?

You can email me with further questions/queries for a month/4 wks after you have signed up for the course and i am happy to guide you a little. Whether this is for further resources, your not sure about something or you think you may want some more help looking at the diet of your child. I would be happy to help!

What format are the bonuses?

These are pdfs so you can download them and print them off or just view from your screen. These are visible at the bottom of the course. 

How long does the course take?

Do you have another question? Contact me.

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