hi there!

I’m Penelope

Registered Children’s Nutritionist & Responsive Feeding Expert

Whether I am supporting parents or working with brands my mission is the same.

I educate and support parents to feel confident in how and what to feed their child when fussy eating and other nutrition issues occur. So you can relax knowing your child is eating more variety and you can enjoy family mealtimes together.

Lets work on this journey together to bring up a happier and healthier child.

My Story

“The kitchen is my happy place”

I started cooking at home when I was very young and have loved it ever since. My parents and siblings are massive foodies and this has been a big influence in my life. When we get the chance we enjoy eating out together or simply talking about food because we all love it so much!

At school the only subject I really enjoyed was Home Economics. I studied this up to University and further went on to do a Masters in Nutrition. 

Later on in life I went on to have two amazing boys, both very different in appetites and what they like to eat. One is suspected neurodivergent and brings lots of feeding challenges! Before he would happily graze and have a mostly beige crunchy diet but over the years we have worked towards him eating more variety and he now has a good healthy diet. Mealtimes are now enjoyable (but not always perfect)!. 

My personal struggles with my boys led me to additional training in Intuitive Eating and Responsive Feeding therapy. I bring both my nutrition expertise, personal experiences of feeding challenges and additional training in Responsive Feeding to support parents to bring up a healthy eater.

I work in a collaborative, supportive and empathic way. So your child builds a good connection with food, eating more variety and has a long lasting happy relationship with food. 

My Philosophy

“Food is not an enemy, it should be fun and enjoyed by everyone as part of daily life”. 


I believe that: 

  • It is important to nurture a positive relationship with food from an early age in order to flourish. 
  • We can all learn to get involved with cooking and it’s a valuable skill that will benefit young children for life. 
  • Food is there to be enjoyed socially, not used to bribe, pressure and be forced upon us.
  • Where feeding issues exist it’s never too late to help make change and make things better. 
  • Every child has different needs and it’s possible to work flexibly to meet them. 

Let’s Get Started

Fun Facts

I bet you didn’t know:

I can’t live without CHOCOLATE! Especially my hot chocolate maker. It uses real quality chocolate, not the sugary powdered stuff. I love decent hot chocolate and i’m lucky enough to live in a city that has some of the best hot chocolate cafes from milk chocolate up to 100% cacao. 

A surprising fact about me that not many people know is that I would love to learn to shuffle dance! I saw it on Instagram as I was scrolling through one day and thought that looks so cool and fun. I should add it to my bucket list.

One of my favourite childhood memories was on regular holidays to the south of France. We would stop off and buy a freshly prepared baguette, ripe brie and tomatoes. Then pull up in the countryside to enjoy a family picnic in the sunshine. Bliss!

My friends would describe me as down to earth, empathetic, always wanting to help and thoughtful.


What makes Penelope qualified?

I have a Masters in Nutrition (MSc) and I am a  Registered Nutritionist with AFN in public health.

I complete yearly CPD to hold my registration with the Association for Nutrition.

I have completed the following additional courses: 

  • Responsive Feeding therapy
  • Applying intuitive eating and non-diet approaches in practice 
  • Behaviour change coaching 
  • SEO blog writing – content creating

Throughout my career I have worked in a diverse range of places from charities, academia, a social enterprise, nurseries, schools, community centres and now private practice. 

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