Episode 1: 11 transformative phrases to banish fussy eating for good

podcast episode 1: transformative phrases to banish fussy eating for good

Trying to get a fussy eating child to eat well is often an almighty and stressful struggle. What you say to them and how you say it can have such an enormous impact on whether they will eat and the relationship they form around foods. We can have a great influence on our children just by the way we talk to them around foods, responding to fullness, empowering them and educating them.

In this podcast episode I will cover:

  • The 11 transformative phrases that every parent should try to banish fussy eating.
  • When to use these phrases
  • How and why they will help reduce stress around food and mealtimes

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Podcast Episode 2: 11 tricks to get your child to drink more water

Podcast episode 2: 11 tricks to get your child to drink more water

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Podcast Episode 3: Is my toddler constipated and what are the best foods to help relieve them?

Constipation is a common complaint and worry for parents. When toilet training begins around 2- 3 years (toddler years) problems can begin for a number of reasons. However it can occur at any age.

The good news is that there are lots of ways to help relieve a constipated toddler. For most children it is ensuring they are getting enough fluid into them alongside more fibre in the diet.

In this podcast I will cover:

  • The requirements for fluid intake
  • The best foods in each food group to help relieve constipation.
  • Some other tips related to other causes.

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Episode 4: Crunchy snacks that are healthy and appeal to fussy eaters

Most of our kids, well certainly mine do love crunchy snacks. In fact one of mine would live off crackers if he could! 

The most popular ones are the beige kind like breadsticks, crisps & crackers. Whilst there is nothing wrong with these foods, as all food is good food. It’s a good opportunity to work with this knowledge of knowing that if your child prefers crunchy foods then you can find others that are healthy and add to their range of foods. This will also ensure a more balanced snack. 

This podcast episode will talk about why kids prefer crunchy snacks and how to balance them to make healthy snacks along with some sweet and savoury crunchy snack ideas & recipes. 

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