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Is your child a fussy eater or problem feeder?

IS my child a fussy eater or problem feeder?

Is my child’s fussy eating normal?

Get your FREE checklist which includes:

  • Easy checklist to determine your child’s feeding type.
  • Help to put you on the right road to overcome your feeding concerns.

3 ways to get your child to eat

3 ways to get your child to eat

Does your child often refuse meals?

Are you fed up of cooking the same meals so they will eat something.

Get them eating more variety by using this step by step guide.

  • 3 proven ways to get your child to eat.
  • Implement today and get them eating again.
  • Say goodbye to stressful mealtimes

20 must have superfoods for kids

20 must have superfoods for kids

Do you worry your child isn’t getting the right nutrition?

  • Nourish your child with these 20 superfoods your child will love.
  • Provides easy ways to transform foods into nutritious meals which your child will eat.

Mini resources (e – guides)

How to support fussy eaters

This mini guide provides you with the 10 key strategies you will need to help overcome fussy eating.

You can print it off, stick to the fridge and refer to whenever you need a reminder!


Healthy kids snack guide (1- 4 yrs)

This healthy kids snack guide includes:

  • What makes a healthy snack?
  • When and how to give snacks
  • What size portion do I give?
  • Snack ideas for 1 – 4 yrs (mini meals)
  • Snack swaps
  • £5.99
Food portion size guide (1 – 4 yrs)

This food portion size guide for 1 – 4 year olds includes:

  • What makes a healthy meal
  • How many portions in a day
  • What size portions do I give for meals and snacks.
  • Example meal plan
  • £5.99

E -Courses

Other resources

If you haven’t already checked out my blog then this may be of interest. I share a fortnightly blog post on different subjects from fussy eating, food language, nutrition, recipes and more.

If you prefer I also have a podcast based on these blogs every month. These are short audios of no more than 20 mins, so you can listen on the go.

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