This image shows children using the menu planner resources to cook

Check out these resources (menu planner & fussy eating checklist) to help your child or family.

Here you will find a few resources. If you cant find what your looking for here, please get in touch and let me know what information you struggle to find or would find helpful.

This image shows a plate for meal times and menu planning
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Menu planner

Do you struggle to menu plan?

Do you get bored with the same meals? or worry you are not making nutritious meals for everyone?

I hear You.

If this is you then you may find this FREE menu planning resource useful. It includes:

  • Simple steps on how to menu plan
  • How to include balanced meals.
  • A 7 day week template with space for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Shopping list template
  • An example of how to it fill out

This image shows a girl that is unhappy and fussy about her food

Fussy eating

Do you struggle to know if your child is a typical fussy eater? or if there is something more going on? when should I seek help?

This FREE resource includes:

  • What is fussy eating?
  • Common reasons for food refusal
  • Fussy eating checklist
  • When and where to seek further help

” I love the menu planning resource. It helped take the anxiety away from having to decide what to cook each day”.

Mum of 3, Essex
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