Child Nutrition Services

Registered Children’s Nutritionist & responsive feeding therapist

Whether I am supporting parents or working with brands my mission is the same. I educate and support parents to feel confident in how and what to feed their child when fussy eating and other nutrition issues occur.

So you can relax knowing your child is eating more variety and you can enjoy family mealtimes together.

Below you will find my child nutrition services for parents and brands. Lets work on this journey together to bring up a happier and healthier child.


self paced

Master your mealtimes course

Creating happier and healthier mealtimes

Ready to be be confident in HOW to feed your child with healthy meals?

Want to enjoy mealtimes together?

Who is it for?

  • Parents or caregivers who have a typical fussy eater.
  • Parents or caregivers with children between 2 – 10 years.
  • For those parents who want to know what they can do to get their child to try new foods and have happier mealtimes.

What’s included?

  • Self paced online course, so you can do it at your own pace.
  • Includes 10 modules such as understanding why fussy eating occurs and the stages in development.
  • Checklist for the differences between a fussy eater and problem feeder
  • The common pitfalls and parental anxiety and hope to cope with this.
  • Pre meal planning to take the anxiety away from organising meals.
  • How to make healthy meal choices.
  • What the steps to eating are and how to use these
  • Proven mealtime strategies to get them to eat well.
  • The best mealtime language to use so they are are not pressured or bribed to eat.
  • How to explore food, so they are more likely to eat it.
  • 6 free bonuses including portion size guides, recipes and worksheets to make it even easier for them to eat.

1 : 1 Consultations

Working together to help your family eat better.

Whether it’s weaning, fussy eating or healthy eating advice these personalised consults will help your family eat more variety, eat more healthily with less stress and create happier mealtimes.

Who is it for?

    • Parents or caregivers to a fussy eater or some weaning support.
    • Parents who want healthy eating advice for the family or your child, such as support with different dietary requirements, allergies or weight issues.

What’s included?

  • You can choose from two package options:

    Package 1: This is a basic package which includes: 

    • 45 min- 1 hr consultation and a 30 minute follow up
    • Delivered over a 4 – 6wk period
    • Health questionnaire
    • Food diary assessment, if necessary
    • Written report with recommendations and a follow up to tweak anything that’s needed to reach your goals.

    Package 2: A detailed fussy eating package that includes:

    • 1 hr x 2 consultations/education sessions and a 30 minute follow up
    • Delivered over a 6 -12 wk period (flexible)
    • Health questionnaire
    • Food diary assessment
    • Analysis of video recording of mealtimes if appropriate
    • Deeper dive into issues and time to work on them.
    • Written report with recommendations

Media & Brand Collaboration

Working together to educate parents

Providing expert SEO blogs, ghost writing, articles, social media posts and recipes that educate, inspire and give parents the knowledge to feed their families well. 

Who is it for?

  • Media (magazines, newspapers)
  • Brands (food brands, children’s food brands and non food brands

What do I offer?

I provide expert messaging or education in child nutrition or fussy eating topics. This can be through SEO blogs, ghost writing, articles or social media.

This can increase likeability of your brand, offer an additional service and increase customers.

I can also create new family friendly recipes.

Client Successes

"I was worried about my boys energy levels before I met Penelope"

After the consultation we agree to not comment on their eating. I think this has made a big difference.  At the last Sunday roast he even helped himself to cheesy leeks & cabbage!!! Honestly it's incredible! He often has a ham & cheese toastie for breakfast which does help his stamina through the day. - We are so happy with all your advice & singing your praises to others.

- C. S to two boys, 1 : 1 Consultations

Client Successes

"My daughter was so fussy before I had a consultation"

I am feeling more confident with her eating and just giving her the same as everyone else and she is doing really well. We are all much happier at mealtimes.

- J R to toddler Amy, 1 : 1 Consultations

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 1:1 consultations like?

They are as relaxed as possible. I am trained in facilitation so I want to get the best out of you! I will listen, empathize and support you in a non judgemental way. 

We will reach some shared goals together for you to work towards in your own time.

Where do the consultations take place?

Online via video call.

Do you have another question about my child nutrition services? Contact me.

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