Here you will find valuable nutrition resources:

Freebies, E-guides and my recipes.

With all of these nutrition resources I aim to educate, inspire and support parents to feel confident in how and what to feed their child. So you can relax knowing your child is eating more variety and you can enjoy family mealtimes together.

e-guides & checklists


fussy eater or problem feeder?

Concerned whether your child’s fussy eating is normal?

Get your FREE checklist to find out. It includes a easy checklist to determine your child’s feeding type and what to do next.

6 steps to calm and happy mealtimes

Do you have constant battles at mealtimes to get them to eat?

Are you worried they are not eating enough or getting the RIGHT nutrition?

If so, then in this free guide you will learn how to overcome stressful mealtimes and see them eat a wider variety of foods.

BONUS: I am throwing in my meal planning made easy: in 10 steps!


21 nutritious easy meals for toddlers

Are you are a busy mum STUCK in a rut with the same boring meals and concerned they are not getting enough variety?

  • Then get UNSTUCK with these 21 easy meals for toddlers.
  • Includes nutritious, balanced meals so you don’t have to think or worry!

e-guides & recipes

mini nutrition resources

portion sizes for 1 – 4 years

This food portion size guide for 1 – 4 year olds includes:

* What makes a healthy meal
* How many portions in a day
* What size portions do I give for meals and snacks.
* Example meal plan

portion sizes for 5 – 11 years

This food portion size guide for 5 – 11 year olds includes:

* What makes a healthy meal
* How many portions in a day
* What size portions do I give for meals and snacks.
* Example meal plan

how to support fussy eaters

This mini guide provides you with the 10 key strategies you will need to help overcome fussy eating.

How to introduce allergens to your baby

How to introduce allergens contains the following:

* Introduction
* What are the allergens
* When to introduce allergens
* How to introduce them including amounts.
* Diary of introducing allergens
* Common reaction symptoms

calcium and dairy free diets guide

Ensure your child is getting enough calcium with this guide on dairy free foods, yoghurts etc.

It gives portion sizes and amounts of calcium in foods along with meal and snack ideas to include enough calcium.


healthy kids snack guide for 1 – 4 year olds

This snack guide includes:

* What makes a healthy snack?
* When and how to give snacks
* What size portion do I give?
* Snack ideas for 1 – 4 yrs (mini meals)
* Snack swaps

10 food exploration recipe cards

10 food exploration recipe cards. Suitable for toddlers upwards.

Includes fun recipes such as bread painting, watermelon pizza and treasure map pancakes!

6 steps to eating worksheet

Support your child and see them go from tolerating new foods to trying and eating new foods with this 10 page worksheet.


18 steps to build a meal, save time and money eating well

Go from stressed to calm knowing you have healthy meals planned in budget. Learn: 

* 18 simple steps to cook well on a budget
* How to build a meal that is healthy
* Cheap and healthy meal ideas
* Basic storecupboard essentials
* 12 healthy and cheap family recipes

Happy customers

“I realised I was offering too much food”

The food portion size guide was really helpful for my son as I was unsure if i was feeding him the right amounts. 

– Sarah Jefferson, portion sizes e-guide

Client Successes


‘We know parents like the fact that we have a qualified Nutritionist review and advise us on our menus. Penelope carried out a thorough menu review to ensure it met the voluntary food and drink guidelines for early years providers in England. She was professional and carried this out in a timely manner. I would highly recommend her services to other nurseries’

– Sarah Barrett, Children’s First Nurseries

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