Tomato and chickpea dip

Published on: 02/16/2022
Tomato, pepper and chickpea dip

This is my best veggie dip recipe for fussy eaters (tomato and chickpea dip). Don’t just take it from me but its tried and tested on my two kids and they love it too.

Not only is it really yummy but it contains three veggies (tomatoes, peppers and chickpeas). Yes chickpeas count as a veggie too. Chickpeas are a nutrition powerhouse as they are great source of protein, fibre, folate and iron. So if your kids are vegetarian or vegan then this is a great recipe for them too.

This recipe is great as a snack or part of a meal. If you make this for a light meal then you can add some bread sticks or another carbohydrate like pitta bread with some raw veggies to dip.

If you would like to find more ways to help your child eat more veggies then you might like to check out my blog.

tomato, pepper and chickpea dip

How to make it (step by step)

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